Left – Democratic candidate Kwame Raoul. Right – Republican candidate Erika Harold.

Sexual and domestic violence is epidemic throughout Chicago and our state, affecting people from all walks of life. Because the Illinois Attorney General’s Office has wide-ranging authority in the implementation and enforcement of policies addressing these issues, leaders and anti-violence experts from six Chicago-based organizations, including Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network, asked our AG candidates to complete a questionnaire about their plans for the following and more:

  • Ensuring students in public schools have access to safe education and information on healthy relationships
  • Providing training and seminars to law enforcement regarding gender-based violence
  • Administering the Violent Crime Victims Assistance Fund and the Domestic Violence Fund

We received responses from Erika Harold and Kwame Raoul. We hope the candidates’ responses will help inform your vote for the Nov. 6 election.

Read Kwame Raoul’s Response.|| Read Erika Harold’s Response.